Today’s English Football League Cup Matches

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If you fancy placing any number of bets today on the many English Football League Cup matches, then you really are going to be spilt for choice at that betting site, and below I am going to be revealing to you the very best bets of the day.

Let me kick off with the Swansea vs Crystal Palace match, the home team doesn’t appear to have any advantage in this match if their win odds at NetBet are to be believed, for Swansea are chalked up at odds of 49/20, the draw is tempting enough at odds of 12/5 but it is Crystal Palace at 21/20 that are expected to win this match!

In the Sheffield Wed vs Wolves match, once again it does appear that the smart money is going on the away team to win, for the odds on that match are Sheffield Wed at 3/1, the draw is 51/20 and you will get odds of 20/23 if you do fancy the chances of Wolves winning tonight!

As for who is most likely to win the Bournemouth vs MK Dons match, it does look like a one-sided match from a betting point of view for you are going to be able to bet on Bournemouth to win at odds of 5/18, the draw is on offer at 19/4 and those of you would fancy the chances of MK Dons you will be rewarded with huge odds of 33/4!

Leeds Vs Preston Best Odds

One match that is bound to attract a huge crowd of both home and away supporters to the ground tonight is the Leeds vs Preston match, and that may be a match you fancy watching too, if so and you think that Leeds are going to win, and many people do by the way, their odds at NetBet are currently 20/21, you can get 12/5 about the draw and Preston are 29/10 to win this evening.

You are not going to get rich backing Leicester tonight if you think they are going to beat Fleetwood with great easy, which is the way many people think the match will go, for Leicester are long odds on to win that match at 20/83 the draw is 19/4 and the odds on a Fleetwood Town win are huge at 21/2!

As for the way the Cardiff City vs Norwich match is likely to end, well once again it is the home team most punters fancy to win in that match and if you get your skates on you will be able to secure odds on Cardiff City to win this match of 20/21, you can back the draw at 23/10 and those of you who cannot resist backing Norwich to win tonight you an bag odds of 59/20 on them doing so!

Newport County ate going to be taking their chances against an in-form Oxford United team tonight and when it comes to securing the best odds on whichever outcome you think will occur NetBet do come out on top with their early betting market, and are offering Newport County at 5/4, the draw odds are 12/5 and you can get 41/20 on an Oxford United win too.

Brighton vs Southampton

Brighton are certainly playing out of their skin currently and it would be no real surprise to see them win again this event, and the odds on them beating Southampton tonight are 7/5, I do think however many punters are going to be tempted by the 11/5 draw odds, and a handful of punters may be interested in taking the 2/1 about Southampton too!

There can surely only be one way that the Burton vs Aston Villa match will end this evening and that is a very decisive win for Villa, however you may have your own opinion of just how this match will end as a such you can back Burton to win at 3/1 the draw odds are 51/20 and you can back Aston Villa at odds of 20/23 too.

The Middlesbrough vs Rochdale match is an interesting one, for whilst many punters think that Middlesbrough should and will probably win this match and their odds of doing so are 4/7 there are no shortages of punters who are backing the draw at 3/1 and also backing Rochdale to win at generous odds at NetBet of 9/2!

Who do you fancy back to win in the QPR vs Bristol Rovers match tonight? Well the majority of punters have been latching onto the chances of QPR as they have been backed right down to 10/13, however there is always the chance the match could end in a draw and the draw odds are 27/10, and Bristol Rovers fans are sure to be backing them at their current odds of 33/10!

Wycombe vs Forest Green Rovers

To be perfectly honest there isn’t much money being bet on the betting markets currently in the match between Wycombe and Forest Green, but there are some odds on offer to you at sites like NetBet, and Wycombe are 20/23 to win so the favourite, and the draw odds are 49/20 and you can also back Forest Green Rovers at high odds of 16/5 if you so desire!

One final match that is being played this evening is the Blackburn vs Lincoln City match, and from a betting point of view all of the money swilling around the betting markets this morning is going on a Blackburn win, which is of course reflected in their 20/43 win odds.

As for the odds you are going to be offered at NetBet on that match they are empting for sure at 16/5, but Lincoln City are certainly friendless in the betting market, so much so you are going to be offered high odds of 11/2 on them winning tonight, which not many people think they will of course!