Today’s Northern Ireland Open Matches

There are some outstanding betting opportunities today in the Northern Ireland Open, and as such if you do fancy backing any of the snooker players taking part in those matches then read on, for I will be giving you an insight into just how high their respective odds are!

Those matches are going to be in play at various times throughout the day, and with that in mind I will also give you an overview of what the starting times of the featured ones below are, so you can get your bets placed nice and early!

As for just which bookie is offering you the odds you will see featured down below, it is BetFred as always that is offering some of the best betting odds in the industry, and being one of our top rated betting sites they do come very highly recommended of course!

One match that I am having a bet on is starting at 10:00, so the clock is ticking down if you fancy betting on that match too, it is the one between Kishan Hirani and Jak Jones and it is Jones that is getting my money for thanks to his outstanding current form and the 4/11 odds on offer on him he has to be the best of the day to win that match.

Another match starting at 10:00 which could be worth including in a double with the one above is the Mei Xiwen v Zhang Jiankang match and it is Xiwen that is the value bet and the snooker player that is expected to win that match quite easily and his win odds to do just that are 1/4.

Afternoon Northern Ireland Open Snooker Matches

You shouldn’t have too many problems being able to bet on any snooker player that you fancy backing in the afternoon matches in today’s Northern Ireland Open, for all betting sites are going to be offering you plenty of betting opportunities.

However, once again it is BetFred that are offering some of the best outright winner odds on those matches, so let me give you an insight into which matches and players are the ones that will be attracting plenty of support from punters this afternoon.

All of the snooker matches I have picked out for you below will be starting at 13:00, so keep that in mind to ensure that you get your bets placed in good time for each of them!

In the Alan McManus v Allan Taylor match it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if McManus takes that match and with odds of 1/2 on him and 13/8 on Taylor that is a result most punters are expecting to see play out in front of them today.

I doubt you are going to be in too much of a rush to back the favourite to win the Ronnie O’Sullivan v Soheil Vahedi match, for that favourite is of course O’Sulliven and being on offer at terribly low odds of 1/33 win that match is what he is expected to do this afternoon!

In fact, the odds on Peter Ebdon to beat Patrick Wallace this morning are very low too, for those odds are around the 1/7 mark, but in all fairness I cannot possibly see his opponent coming out on top and winning that match, but if you do think he will then his odds over at the BetFred betting site are worth taking right now as they are offering him at win odds of 9/2!

I am of the mind that Elliot Slessor, even though he is the 4/9 favourite to beat Ross Muir this afternoon, he isn’t going to do so, and as such I am having a little speculative bet on Muir to win that match and by doing so I have been able to secure odds of 7/4 which you can do too if you get your stakes on and back him right now!

There is nothing what so ever separating Robert Milkins and Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in their match today, and as such you are going to find them level-pegging in the betting markets at BetFred who have them both chalked up at win odds of 10/11!

Andy Lee in my opinion is going to shine this afternoon, and with that in mind I for one will not be too surprised if he beats Sean O’Sullivan, however the betting odds currently available on both players do give me the impression I am not along in that thought as they are being offered at win odds of 8/13 and 5/4 respectively.

As for the Marco Fu v Chen Feilong match, well you only have to look at the current form of each of those two players to be able to accurately work out just what way this match is going to go, and the odds of 1/9 on Fu do mean he is expected to win that snooker match with great ease, and the odds on Feilong for reference are 11/2

Moving onto the final match that has caught my eye today, that is the one in which Simon Lichtenberg will be taking on Robbie Williams, and as far as who is going to win that match I doubt it will be Lichtenberg who is on offer at odds of 4/1, but the odds you can back on Williams, they are 1/6, so it should be a match that he can sail through this afternoon, if all goes to plan.

One other thing I do want to point out to you if betting on individual snooker matches is something you do fancy doing, is that Betfair are going to allow you to place bets on any player you do fancy backing, but they are also going to allow you to lay odds on any players too.

When laying odds and bets you are taking bets from other punters, you offer them the odds you think are fair and you get to keep their losing stakes if they lose, or much pay them out if their bets placed with you win.