Today’s Rugby Union Autumn Internationals

You are going to have to work some magic if you want to watch each of the five Rugby Union Autumn Internationals today on TV, for there is some crossover with their starting times, so you will probably be relying on a catch-up service if you do fancy watching each of them!

However, there will be no magic needed if you are thinking about betting on any of those matches, for by heading over to BetFred you are going to be offered some fair and reasonable odds on each possible outcome you fancy backing on any of those Rugby Union matches!

If you are not that well versed at betting on Rugby Union matches, then on the outright betting markets at that betting site, you will be offered three basic bets, you can back either team to win and the odds you see on their betting platform will give you an idea of what each teams overall chances are of winning that match, or you can back the draw at some huge odds, but that is a risky bet!

As for the very first match of the day, that will be starting at 14:30 and it is the match between Scotland and Fiji, the smart money is going on Scotland to win that match and their odds have dropped to just 1/8 to win that match, the draw is 33/1 and if you think Fiji can pull off a miracle they are available at odds of 11/2!

England v New Zealand

It will be at 15:00 that the England v New Zealand match will be staring later today, and England appear to be the underdogs to win that match for their 9/2 win odds do give them very little chance of winning.

The draw as always is on offer at high odds at BetFred and those odds for the record are 28/1 and as far as betting on New Zealand, well you are going to have to bet big to win anything remotely decent of the best odds I have found on offer on them winning today are 1/6!

Today’s Evening Kick-Off Matches

The three evening matches that could be worth having a bet on include the 17:20 match between Wales and Australia, that does appear to be a much better balanced match for the odds on Wales are 5/6, the draw odds are 18/1 and Australia are a fair bet if you do fancy their chances at 11/10.

You could also be tempted to have a bet on the 18:30 match between Ireland and Argentina, but do be aware that Ireland shouldn’t lose that match and their odds do give that impression seeing as they are 1/16, the draw at 40/1 and Argentina at 9/1 both look like mug bets to be honest!

The final Rugby Union Autumn International match of the evening will be starting at 20:05 and it will be France that is going to be taking their chances against South Africa in that match.

Fans of the French team will be mopping up their 6/4 win odds at BetFred, the draw is hardly worth a punt even though the odds are 20/1 and as for the chances of South Africa, well they are 8/13, so they are the favourites to win that match!