Tonight’s Portugal vs Serbia Euro 2020 Match

Whilst there are quite a number of matches being played at some point today as part of Euro 2020, there are sadly not that many of the fancied teams to win their respective matches being offered at huge or decent odds, so picking out which matches to bet on may prove troublesome if you are after value.

There is however the match between Portugal and Serbia, and by betting on that match at Paddy Power you can back the favourite to win it at odds of 8/15 and that team is of course Portugal, so if you do fancy their chances of winning then Paddy Power is where you should be placing your bets.

The draw is also an interesting proposition, much more so at that betting site for most others are going 5/2 or 11/4 on the match ending in a draw, however you can get odds of 3/1 at Paddy Power on both their online betting platform or when using their mobile betting app instead.

You could however think that match is going to be one that Serbia may just win, and if you do then the odds available at that betting site are extremely fair all things taken into account and considered and those odds if you fancy making use of them are 5/1.

Turkey vs Moldova

At 1/8 you are hardly going to be kicking in the doors of your local bookies shop to back Turkey to win against Moldova tonight, but if you do fancy perming them together in a multiple bet or on a football acca bet today then those are the best odds you will get on a Turkey win tonight.

There could be some of you out there that are prepared to back the draw in that match and I wouldn’t put you off taking the 13/2 odds being offered on that match ending that way, and as for what the chances of a Moldova win they are 19/1.

Compiling an Acca Bet Today

Those of you that are trying to fill in your coupon bets today keep in mind that there are several other Euro 2020 matches tonight one being the Andorra vs Albania match and Andorra are on offer at huge odds to win that match at 9/1.

I doubt they are going to win though, there is a chance the match could end in a draw of one type of another and the odds you will get on it being a match that does end in a draw are 16/5, but the 4/11 odds on an Albania win are going to help boost the pay-out on an acca bet and are therefore worth taking.

It should also be worth you backing France to beat Iceland tonight and whilst their odds of doing so are ridiculously low at 1/7, I doubt that match will be one which will end in either a draw at odds of 13/2 and it won’t be Iceland that are celebrating tonight either and their odds are 17/1 of winning by the way.