Top Picks for this Weekend’s Premier League Matches

It will be the football coupon bets that I am sure many of you will be looking at when placing bets and wagers on any of the weekends Premier League matches, and it is fair to say as some of those matches are very well balanced, for once the bookies are offering some decent odds!

Take for example the Cardiff v Newcastle match, now looking at both of those teams and trying to work out which one is going to come out on top, I am of the mind it may be a hard battled match for sure, but one that Cardiff should be able to win.

As for what odds you will get betting on Cardiff, as usual Bruce Betting are offering some good odds on most of the Premier League matches on Saturday and they are going 21/10 on Cardiff and even offering the same 21/10 odds on the win, and it is Newcastle who are the 6/4 favourites to win, but win is something I do not realistically think they are going to do!

The Leicester v Wolves match is another one that I do get a feeling is going to go the way of the home team, and I have already secured the 21/20 odds on them from Bruce Betting and suggest you consider doing so too, if you fancy the draw their odds are 12/5 and if your loyalties lay with Wolves you can get 13/5 odds on them winning that match too.

Spurs Must Surely Beat Fulham

Looking at another match this Saturday in the Premier League that being the one between Spurs and Fulham I doubt you fancy taking the 9/2 odds about the draw or even the enhanced odds of 10/1 on a Fulham win either.

The can only be one way that match will end and that is by Spurs rattling into the back of the net a plethora of goals, and that is a view that most bookmakers do agree with and the best odds I have so far found being offered on a Spurs win are 2/7.

Burnley v Watford

There is a match scheduled to kick off this Sunday that I do fancy betting on, and that is the match between Burnley and Watford, it is the home team that I will be backing for their current win odds at Bruce Betting of 11/8 do look overpriced and there is some value to be had by backing them at those odds.

The Man City v Huddersfield match is not one I will be getting involved in from a betting point of view, however you may be interested in doing so if you think the match will end in a draw or a win for Huddersfield as the odds on both of those two outcomes are 10/1 and 28/1 respective, but at odds of 1/12 it does look like the City team would win that match when playing with their eyes closed, but whether they win or not does of course remain to be seen!