Tricast and Combination Tricast Bets

If you love betting on horse races, then you are probably aware of each and every single type of unique bet you can place on any upcoming horse races, in fact you can now also bet on a horse race as it is being run by making use of in-play betting markets.

However, if you are new to the exciting world of horse racing, then you can very quickly get somewhat overwhelmed by each of the many individual bets you can place on any races, and that is where my range of bet type guides are going to help you make sense of each of them.

This guide has been put together to help you get your head around a very popular type of bet that could see you winning big from a relatively small stake and that bet is a Tricast bet.

You simply must select three horses running in the same race and place them on your betting slip in the hope that you list them in such a way that they match the result, namely the horses come in first, second and third place in the right order.

After a race is run a Tricast dividend is then declared to a £1 stake, and you will then receive a pay-out based on how much you wagered on such a winning bet as per that dividend and your chosen stake.

Enhanced Tricast Dividends at BetFred

By carefully picking out at just which betting sites you do place Tricast bets at, you will find there are a range of enhanced and boosted bonus winning pay-outs on offer at some betting sites.

That is certainly going to be the case if you place such bets at BetFred as they offer a 10% pay-out bonus to everybody that does palace a winning Tricast bet.

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Reverse and Combination Tricast Bets

You can however name three horses on a Tricast betting slip and have them covered in what is known as a Reverse Tricast bet, and by doing so you will have to place a total of six stakes at your unit stake amount and if those three horses fill the first three positions in that race you will have them covered by one of those six bets.

In fact, you could choose to pick out any number of horses in a horse race and have them covered in every single permutation of them finishing in first, second and third place, however the more horses you do select the more bets you will have to place.

For example if you pick out four horses, to have them covered in every possible way to come in first, second and in third place too you will need to place 24 individual bets, if you pick out five horses then there are 60 possible ways they can come in first, second and third place, so your bet will need to see you placing sixty times your unit bet amount as your stake to have them all covered in that bet!