UK Politics Novelty Betting Markets

Now love her or hate her, good old Theresa May is battling to get Brexit sorted out, whilst I am sure plenty of you out there will think she is making a complete pigs ear of it, there may be one or at the most two of you out there who thinks she is doing a mighty find job of it!

However, no matter what your views are on her as a Prime Minister, you are certainly going to be faced with plenty of betting opportunities right now on her leadership. BetFred for example have a novelty politics betting market live that may just tempt you to place a bet on her.

So, if you do fancy placing a bet on one of the more unusual betting opportunities currently available, please do read on for I am fairly confident one of the current betting opportunities that betting site does have on offer right now will appeal to you, and who knows it may pay off too.

Now, Theresa May is of course going to exit her job eventually, however many people think that will be sooner rather than later, and as such you can bet on her Exit Date at BetFred and you have three possible options to choose from.

The first being in 2019 which most people think will be the year she leaves her current Prime Minster role, and the 10/11 odds on that option do reflect her chances of leaving then,

However, if you think she is a stubborn old boot and won’t leave until 2020 or later the odds on that option are 9/4, and if you think the sooner she goes the better then back the 2018 option which is available right now at odds of 3/1!

Theresa May No Confidence Vote

If you are confident that there is going to be a no confidence vote in Theresa May, you can bet on the outcome of it, as long as it takes place at some point in time in 2018.

As for the two options available on that betting opportunity, well BetFred are going 3/10 that she will win that vote, and 9/4 that she will lose that vote too.

Good Bye Theresa in 2019

You may be more of the mind that Theresa Mays’ days are numbered, and that at some point in 2019 she will no longer be Prime Minster, well if so then BetFred have two simple betting opportunities you can pick from.

However, this will of course be a slightly long term bet if you want her to hold onto office until at least the 1sty of January 2019, and the odds you can bag on her being in office until that date at least are 2/9.

However, if you think she will be gone before New Year’s Day next year the odds available on that option are 3/1. So there you have it, several unique bets that are available right now any of which are bound to pay off of course!