Unique Ryder Cup Betting Opportunities

I have noticed many unique betting opportunities that are available on this year’s Ryder Cup over at betting sites such as Betfred, and it is with that in mind that I have compiled the following best bets of the day guide that will highlight which of those betting opportunities may just be worth you making use of!

As such allow me to get straight down to business and start off with the standard outright betting market that is currently available to all customers of that top rated betting site.

You may be of the mind that this year’s Ryder Cup is going to go the way of Europe and if so the best odds available today are on offer over at Betfred and they are offering 5/4 that Europe will win, however you can also choose to bet on the Tie at 11/1 or you can of course bet that the event is going to go the way of the USA at 4/5.

Another bet that I am more than confident that many of you out there will be interested in placing, is in regards to the first hole of the event!

If you think that Europe will be the winner of the first hole the odds on that outcome are 3/1, if you think that the first hole is going to be a tie then you can take odds of 4/6 on that being the case, however the odds on the USA getting the first hole are 3/1 so the exact same odds on Europe getting it!

Betting on the Winner of Each Day

Betfred are also going to let you bet on which team you think is going to be the winner of any particular day, and there is of course also the option for you to bet that any day will end up being a tie too, and as such let me take a look at the odds on offer on each day of this event.

As far as day one goes if you are of the mind that the only possible outcome is going to be a decisive win for Europe then you can place a bet on that outcome at odds of 6/5, the tie is available at odds of 5/1 and the odds on the USA winning day one of the Ryder Cup are 5/6.

You may not be able to place a bet on the Ryder Cup until day two, but fear not Betfred are going to be offering you odds on who you think will win day two and the odds on a tie on day two are 5/11, the odds on a Europe win are 6/5 and the odds of 11/10 will b on offer on the USA being the leaders and winners of day two too!

The odds on day three of the Ryder Cup are interesting at Betfred the tie looks appealing and will be to some punters as you can get odds of 7/1 on day three ending in a draw. However, as far as the odds on Europe being the winner of day three are 23/20 and the USA to be the winners of day three are 19/20.

Foursomes Winner Ryder Cup Betting

I have had quite a bit of luck in the past when it comes to betting on each day’s foursomes betting opportunities, and as such I want to now quickly run through the odds available at Betfred on each day of the Ryder Cup, just so you know the odds that are available to you.

As far as the day one foursomes outright winner betting opportunities you can of course bet on Europe and BetFred are generously in my opinion offering odds of 7/5 on them winning day one, as for the odds available on the tie, well as you would expect they are high, and are for reference 11/4 and for the USA foursomes betting on day one of the Ryder Cup the odds are 11/8.

Moving onto day two, well after watching day one you may be in a  much better position o work out the likelihoods of either team or even the tie being the outcome on day two, and as far as the odds you will currently have on offer in the foursomes winner betting market at Betfred they are going 7/5 Europe, the tie is on offer at 11/4 and there is some value to be had it does have to be said on the odds on USA on day two in this betting market at Betfred as they are offering odds of 11/8!

Day One and Two Four Balls Betting

You are also going to find a four balls betting market on offer at Betfred right now and there is a betting market available on both day one and day two, as for which outcome is the most likely, allow me to give you an insight into the odds to help you make up your own mind.

Day one sees Betfred offering the four balls at odds of 7/5 on Europe, 11/4 on a tie and the USA are all chalked up and on offer at odds of 11/8, and the odds available on day two to be honest are just as appealing for you can get odds of 7/5 n Europe once again and the same 11/4 odds are available on the tie and the USA are on offer at odds of 11/8 too.

Top European Betting

You can bet on the top European in the Ryder Cup, so please do consider looking through the list of golfers to see which one you do fancy being crowned the top one, and Betfred are offering one quarters of the win odds if you want to back any European each-way on that betting market too.

The most likely top Europeans to be honest and their respective odds are both Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose at 9/2, Tommy Fleetwood at 7/1 and also both Jon Rahm and Francesco Molinari at 15/2.