Upcoming Boxing Bouts and UFC/MMA Fights

It is going to be boxing matches such as the one between Amir Khan and Samuel Vargas that you may be itching to watch, however that match isn’t scheduled until September, so let me give you some ideas of the ones that you can not only watch but also bet on that are scheduled to start during July.

In fact, if you are also a fan of UUFC/MMA then there are some excellent bouts also lined up this month too, so once I have given you an overview of the boxing bouts scheduled throughout July I will then take a look at some of the UFC/MMA matches that you will not want to miss!

On the 15th of July if you can get up early enough in the morning you will be able to watch Manny Pacquiao take on Lucas Matthysse, there does appear to be more money being placed on Pacquiao to win that match as his odds of doing so are 1/2 the draw is pencilled up at odds of 28/1 and you can bet on Matthysse currently at odds of 7/4

Kell Brook does appear to have a very easy take of beating Brandon Cook in their bout later this month and most bookies agree are they are going very short odds-on of 1/20 on him winning that match with the draw at 40/1 and Cook being offered at high odds of 14/1.

Joseph Parker v Dillian Whyte a Well Balanced Match

You may end up tossing a coin of you fancy betting on the Joseph Parker v Dillian Whyte match, for the odds on either of those two boxers winning are 19/20 whilst the draw is on offer at odds of 33/1, so I will leave it up to you to decide the way you do bet on that match as it will be too close a match to call for sure!

The Amir Khan v Samuel Vargas match I mentioned earlier is not scheduled until September but there are early betting markets now open on that match on which you will get odds of 1/20 on Khan winning, 50/1 about the draw and 11/1 on Vargas coming out on top of that match.

UFC/MMA Bouts of Interest

The Derrick Lewis v Francis Ngannou is going to be starting very early in the morning and as such you are going to have to stay awake or set your alarm clock to watch that match as the starting time is 2am on July the 8th 2018.

You can of course bet on that match too at most off our approved and highly recommended betting sites and if you do fancy doing so make sure you bet at sites such as Bruce Betting that will be offering you odds of 5/2 on Lewis winning and odds of at least 2/7 on Ngannou winning as they are the highest odds currently available to punters wishing to bet on that match.

Starting at the same time as the above match is the one between Gokhan Saki and Khalil Rountree, and regarding the highest valued betting odds you will find on offer on that match they are 1/2 on Saki winning and 11/8 on Rountree winning.