Upcoming Ice Hockey Matches and Best Odds

Ice Hockey is a popular sport in many different countries of the world, and there are plenty of punters that enjoy placing the occasion bet on many of the matches that are in play all over the world week in and week out too.

Today therefore, I want to take a look at some of the upcoming Ice Hockey matches that are being played in different leagues across the globe and I will also be presenting you with the very best odds I have found on offer on each of the featured Ice Hockey matches too.

The odds I will be quoting throughout this guide are currently available on the future betting markets that you will find available over at the Coral betting site. If you haven’t yet signed up to Coral then now is the ideal time to do so by using our website links, as that way you will instantly qualify for their sign up welcome bonus offer.

But keep in mind that as the futures betting markets are indeed live, the odds available and those listed below are subject to change at any time, so if you do see any Ice Hockey teams that you fancy the chances of, then the onus is on you to get your bets placed nice and early, to ensure you do secure the best and very highest odds listed down below!

Champions Hockey League

Let me now take a look at the odds you can secure on the GKS Tychy v HC Intespar Bolzano/Bozen Foxes ice hockey match, as it stands currently GKS Tychy are the outsiders and underdogs to win that match for their odds are 7/2, however it is their opponents that are expected to win and with odds of 2/9 the bookies and their odds compilers are confident they will win!

The match by the way is going to be in play on the 10th of Oct 2018 and as such you have plenty of time to get your bets placed.

Moving onto another ice hockey match that is being played on the 10th of October 2018 too that is the Kometa v Zug match, from a betting point of view it is Kometa that are expected to win that match as they are on offer at the Coral betting site at odds of 8/13 and their opponents Zug can be bet on at odds of 27/20 currently.

Another Champions Hockey League match that is starting on the same say as those two mentioned up above is the Eisbaren Berlin v Neman Grodno match, it is the home team that are the current favourites to win at odds of 4/11, however if you do think the away team have any chance of winning then now is the time to secure their odds of 11/5.

You really are going to be blessed with plenty of Ice Hockey matches to watch this Wednesday and another one to consider betting on it the Bern v EC Red Bull Salzburg match, as for which team is likely to win that match it is Bern who are the red hot favourites to win at the Coral betting site as their win odds are 1/3 but you can also back EC Red Bull Salzburg at odds of 12/5 if you prefer.

One final match that you could be tempted to bet on is the Rouen Dragons v Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers match, as for where the value lays in that match, well Rouen Dragons are on offer at odds of 19/10 but the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers are attracing plenty of support, so much so their win odds in that match are now just 4/9!

Russian KHL Matches

There are also plenty of Russian KHL ice hockey matches that are scheduled to start this coming Wednesday, and if you fancy learning more about those matches and the odds on offer on each team then please do read on, for there are plenty of betting opportunities available to you on each of them!

The first match is the Metallurg Magnitogorsk v Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg match, and it does have to be said that the Coral betting site odds compilers cannot separate those two teams regarding their respective chances of winning, so much so they are both chalked up on their futures betting market with win odds of 10/11!

A much more one sided ice hockey match however is the Jokerit v HC Vityaz match, for the home team are expected to win that match with great ease and their win odds of doing so are quite restrictive to be honest at 1/4, the value does appear to lay with the away team for their win odds do look very reasonable at 3/1!

Moving onto the CSKA Moscow v Dinamo Moscow match, well once again this is another ice hockey match in which the home team does appear to have a huge advantage, and as such the best odds you are going to be able to secure on CSKA Moscow currently are 1/4, as for what odds you can bag on Dinamo Moscow winning, well they are much higher at 3/1!

You may be best advised to place an accumulator type of bet if you do fancy the chances of the favourites to win each of their matches in the Russian KHL, for that way you will get a much higher winning pay-out if they do all win that you ever would do backing them all individually at odds-on!

Therefore if that is something that you are prepared to do then in the next match that being the SKA Saint Petersburg v Lokomotiv Yaroslavl match, you should be sticking with the home team to win for they are on offer at odds of  4/11 whilst the underdogs that being the away team are available at 23/10.

Finnish Liiga

There are a couple of matches in the Finnish Liiga that you could be interested in betting on, the first is the Assat v Pelicans match and Coral are offering odds of 10/11 on either team to win.

The other match is the HPK v Sport and Coral are offering 4/7 on HPK to win that ice hockey match whilst you can bag odds of 29/20 on Sport being the team that win that match.