Upcoming UFC 236 Bouts

It may have escaped your notice, that there are going to be many UFC 236 bouts in play tonight, and as such if that is a sport you have a very keep interest in and love nothing better than betting on the fighters that you think are going to win their respective bouts, then please do read on.

Below I have highlighted several different UFC 236 bouts that are going to be starting at various times overnight tonight, and will be giving you an insight into what each boxers respective odds of winning each of those bouts are, and the odds I will be quoting and revealing are currently up for grabs over at the BetFred betting site by the way!

At 23:15 in the UK tonight you will be able to tune into one of the TV sports channels of which there are a handful of them that will be covering the Davis v Costa bout and the smart money is going on Davis to win that match at odds of 4/7.

You may also fancy having a bet on the 23:45 bout between Mueller and Botelho and if you do so then you will be best advised to put your money down on Botelho winning that match for his win odds in that match of 4/7 mean he is the favourite to win that bout and is expected to do so by the way!

First Bouts in Play on the 14th of April

Moving onto taking a look and pointing you in the right direction of the bouts that are going to be in play in the very early hours tomorrow, the first one that you may be interested in betting on is the 00:15 starting time Jackson v Soukhamthath bout, but that is one in which it is Jackson at ridiculously short odds of 1/6 is expected to win!

Therefore, you may be much better advised to back the favourite in the 00:45 Millender v Muhammad bout and that will see you backing the latter named fighter for his win odds are much more appealing as to are his chances of winning those odds for reference are 8/11!

Even More UFC 236 Betting Opportunities

The 01:15 Salmon v Taha bout does have a good set of win odds attached to each fighter over at the BetFred betting site but weighing up the form of each of them it is Salmon I predict to win that bout and his odds of doing so are 4/6.

The 01:45 Griffin v Imadaev bout is one that the latter named player is expected to win but make no mistake about it his odds of doing so at Betfred are great being as that bookie is offering odds of 4/5 on him winning that bout.

In the 02:15 Reis v Pantoja bout my money is going on Pantoja to win for I expect him to do just that at odds of 8/13 and in the 02:45 Turner v Frevola bout it should be Turner that comes out on top at his win odds of 4/5, so do keep that in mind!