Updated Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting Odds

To save you a lot of time and effort, if you are thinking about backing any of the four teams that are still involved in this years Cricket World Cup, I would advise you to visit the BetFred betting site, for they are working to some very low over-rounds on that betting market.

As such the odds that are going to be offered to you will be some of the best odds in the business, and if it is the India team that you think are going to win their semi final match and make it through to the final and then  go on to win that match that bookie is currently sill offering decent odds on them doing just that of 7/4.

However, I do think that many of you out there will of course be cheering on the England team and if you fancy backing them to win this major Cricket tournament then now is the best time to do so at BetFred for they are offering the same odds on England winning as they are offering on Ida those odds of course being 7/4.

What Other Cricket World Cup Bets are Available?

If the odds you see being offered on any team that you think is going to go on to win the Cricket World Cup in 2019 are way too low and too unappealing for you to place a bet on, then never forget there are still loads of additional betting opportunities available to you too.

As the last few matches are still to be played out do consider betting on some of those individual matches and consider placing some of the much more unique cricket related bets and wagers that are going to be offered to you by many betting sites on those last few Cricket World Cup matches too.

Consider Backing Australia Instead

As the semi-finals have yet to be played, you may be much more of the mindset that it will be Australia that scrape through to the final game and if everything does fall their way there is no real reason why they could not go on to win that final match.

However, as BetFred are offering decent odds on Australia winning the Cricket World Cup too much like those high odds on both India and England there is some value waiting to be mopped up if you do rate their chances and those odds are currently 5/2, so do not hang around for much long if you do want to back them to win as those odds will not be as high if they do make is through the semi-finals and secure their place in the final game.

New Zealand are of course the other team that have secured their place in the semi-finals, and whilst their chance of winning are slim if you do fancy backing them then BetFred are going to be rewarding you right now with win odds of 9/1 on that team, so you now know where to go to bet on them to secure the very highest possible odds.