Updated Just Retirement World Championship Betting Odds

You have two different ways of choosing to bet on the upcoming Just Retirement World Bowls Championship that will be taking place in 2019 at sites such as William Hill.

You can choose to back any of the bowlers to win outright, or if you prefer to lower the risk of a loss when betting on that bowls tournament you can instead choose to place an each-way type of bet, and by doing so William Hill are paying out to two places in that tournament and offering one half of the win odds too.

As for where the smart money is going on the early betting markets for that tournament, well to be perfectly honest the betting markets are not awash with punters cash currently, but that has had the knock on effect of there being some quite high odds available on all entrants, and as such there is certainly plenty of value waiting to be mopped up.

There are two bowlers that have been pencilled in and chalked up as the joint favourites to win, and they are Alex Marshall and Paul Foster, and if you are a fan of either of them or simply fancy their respective chances of winning, then the odds of 6/1 are currently available on either of them to win.

Gregg Harlow and Nick Brett

There are a couple of other bowlers that I do feel have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning this bowls tournament, and they are Gregg Harlow and Nick Brett and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if either of them did go on to win.

They are both available at odds of 7/1 over at the William Hill sportsbook and those odds are of course also up for grabs too if you make use of their betting app as opposed to placing your bets online.

The Rest of the Competitors

It is going to be your decision to make if you are interested in betting on the Just Retirement World Championship as to just who you back, so let me enlighten you as to just how generous William Hill are when it comes to the odds available on all of the other entrants.

Robert Paxton could win of course and he is on offer at odds of 9/1, at 10/1 you have Jamie Chestney and there could be some value by backing the likes of Darren Burnett, David Gourlay, Mark Dawes or Stewart Anderson who are all up for grabs at odds of 14/1.

Mervyn King and Jason Greenslade are both 20/1 shots and Michael Stepney, Andy Thompson, Les Gillett and Mark Royal are the bowlers that William Hill think have no chance what so ever of winning, for they are offering 25/1 on each of them.

Keep in mind that as soon as this bowls tournament does go live the in-play betting markets will also go live too and the odds on each of the above named bowlers will start to become much more volatile, well at least those that haven’t been knocked out of the tournament as it is in play!