Updated Odds on the Winner of the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Group Stages have already showed us in no uncertain terms that any team no matter what their previous form, could mess up on the pitch, and many teams that were fancied weeks ago to win this year’s running on the four yearly football tournament have already gone home, with their tails between their legs so to speak!

Therefore, if you have yet to place a bet on which team you thin will win the FIFA World Cup this year, then it may pay dividends for you look at some of the teams other than the favourites to win.

The two teams that are pencilled in as favourites are Brazil at 7/2 and Spain at 4/1 and whilst there odds do look tempting, as has already been proven any team can come out on top, and those two teams may soon get knocked out of the tournament!

Below you are going to find some of the other teams that may be worth putting a few quid on if you do think Brazil and/or Spain are not going to win!

Each-Way Possibilities

Belgium look a rock solid bet at 7/1, and they have of course already beat England on the Group Stages, however it was the case having seen that match that England played to lose it to secure a possibly easier ride in the next stages, and England are available at 7/1 by the way.

France at 8/1 looks another good bet and both Croatia at 11/1 and Argentina at 14/1 are attracting a fair bit of money on the betting markets.

Teams Unlikely to Win the World Cup

The reaming teams that are on offer at some much higher odds are the likes or Uruguay and Colombia at 22/1, and keep in mind you can bet on any team each-way and will receive half of their win odds if they do make it to the final but do not win.

Portugal at 25/1 are another bet that does look tempting but when it comes to Switzerland at 40/1 and Russia, Sweden and also Mexico at 66/1 you will have to be a hardened fan of those teams to back them at those odds.

The highest odds are going to be on offer to you at this stage in the World Cup tournament are going to be coming your way if you choose to bet on Denmark at 80/1 or for those of you who are not afraid of betting on a total outsider then possibly a bet that will interest you are Japan at 150/1!

Whist sixteen teams still in the tournament and as fifteen of them are going to lose, I would also urge you to consider laying some bets from other punters, which is something that you are going to be able to do if you sign up to Betfair.

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