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Value Bets on the 2019 Speedway Grand Prix

Having access to futures betting markets is always going to allow you to plan your bets and wagers for the coming weeks and months. Therefore if you have been thinking about betting on the rider that you think is going to win this year’s Speedway Grand Prix, then you will be able to do just that right now.

Betting sites such as out top rated and fully approved BetHard sportsbook have made live their betting market on this major speedway event and plenty of punters are currently mopping up some of the highest odds available, and you should be acting quickly if you want to do the same.

As for where the value lays on that betting market, well the two riders that most punters are of the mind are going to fill the top two spots, those being Tai Woffinden and Bartosz Zmarzlik are still on offer at BetHard at odds of 9/4.

So you could back both of them and if either of them does go onto win you will still end up making a profit, as long as you put equal amounts of both of them of course. There are plenty of other riders that will all be aiming to be crowned the champion riders of the Grand Prix this year and below I will enlighten you on each of those riders’ current odds.

Jason Doyle on Offer at 8/1

It wouldn’t really be too much of a surprise if either of the current joint favourites did not go on to win the Grand Prix this year, as there odds are not want you call low enough to make them a sure-fire bet.

Therefore it may pay dividends for you to have a good look through the list of other riders in the hope that you can spot one of the lesser fancied ones at much higher odds that could go on to win the Grand Prix, and one that many punters are of the mind could just do so is Jason Doyle who does look at good bet currently at 8/1.

The Pick of the Bunch

Those of you that want to try for a big payout and hope that none of those riders so far named will win the Grand Prix of Speedway in 2019 should be looking at backing any of the other riders and a few that do spring to mind are Fredrik Lindgren, Artem Laguta, Leon Madsen and Maciej Janowski all at 10/1.

It will be something of a leap of faith for most punters to back Patryk Dudek or Martin Vaculik at 18/1 or for that matter Emil Sajfutdinov, Greg Hancock or Niels K. Iversen at 20/1 as none of those riders have shown outstanding from recently, but having said that they are in the Grand Prix so anything could happen.

The final three riders that are not being backed are Matej Zagar, Janusz Kolodziej and Antonio Lindback and their collective lack of support does mean that you can bag some fairly high odds on any of them and those odds for reference are 40/1