Value in Backing the Czech Republic as Euro 2020 Group A Winners

I haven’t lost my mind here, but looking at the futures betting markets over at William Hill on Euro 2020 and Group A in particular, I am of the mind the value bet on that betting market are the Czech Republic, for currently they are readily available, and probably will be for quite some time at odds of 10/1.

Looking at the other teams that are in Group A, it is hard to see the Czech Republic losing to the likes of Montenegro, Bulgaria and Kosovo, which does of course mean that they only have to worry about beating the England team.

As for whether they will or not does of course remain to be seen but at 10/1 to head the Group it is a risk I am willing to take and maybe you are too.

Keep in mind that the Euro 2020 competition is of course a long way away and there will be plenty of betting sites offering their own odds on the Czech Republic so it may be worth hunting around for slightly higher odds if you do think they will come out on top.

England Still the Rock Solid Favourite

It would appear that the bookies are running scared however of the chances of England topping Group A, and as such it doesn’t matter at which betting site you check out you are going to find them on offer at tiny odds.

Having spent about an hour this morning trying to track down any betting sites that were offering decent odds on England topping Group A, it was surprisingly William Hill which currently has the highest odds on them doing so, but those odds are still low at just 1/6!

Huge Odds on Montenegro, Bulgaria and Kosovo

Those other three teams that have been drawn to take their chances, and they will be doing by the way in Group A are on offer at some high odds, but as is always the case those high odds are on offer for a reason, that being their chances of heading that Group are low.

Take for example Montenegro, I doubt there are any savvy punters that are going to be interested in taking a price on them, and will not be backing them no matter how high the odds they are offering, but for reference their odds right now are 12/1.

Another team that is going to have to perform something of a miracle on the pitch in each Group A match they play off to have any chance of topping the Group is Bulgaria, and as for the odd you are going to be offered on them those odds are 16/1.

Kosovo are of course the one team that nobody is currently backing, bar a few diehard fans but if for whatever reason you do feel they have a chance of being the top team in Group A then you are going to be offered odds of 20/1 all day long.