bet on dancing on ice

Viewers Betting on Dancing on Ice Show in Large Numbers

If there is one TV reality show that is always going to spark an interest from viewers and often have them ranting at their TV screens it is Dancing on Ice. The producers of that show always ensure there is a good mix of celebrities taking part in it, some that people like and some most people can’t stand too!

There are of course plenty of betting sites that are offering odds on each of the so called celebrities that are taking part in this year’s running of that show, and Quinnbet does it has to be said have a very tempting set of odds on offer on all of those celebrities, as you will find out below.

It is up to you just which if any of the celebrities you choose to bet on, however if you want to follow the smart money so to speak then you will be best putting your money down on James Jordan, for due to the sheer volumes of bets and wagers placed on him he has become the 6/4 favourite to win.

The odds on James Jordan are to be perfectly honest quite low and unappealing and for those of you who fancy bagging a little bit of value on this skating contest this year could well be tempted to back the second favourite who is Wes Nelson, for his odds and his chances of winning are appealing and those odds for reference are 5/2

Next in the Betting

Any of the celebrities taking part in this contest could drop out, get voted out or even have an injury and that does of course mean that it is not a guarantee that the first or second favourite could go on to win this contest this year.

So for all of you out there that are prepared to take some much higher odds on any of the other celebrities then consider baking the likes of Melody Thornton at 13/2, Saara Aalto at 8/1 or even risk a bob or two on the likes of Richard Blackwood and Bryan McFadden at 10/1

Tears and Tantrums

As for those celebrities that are not attracting any or very much support from viewers or punters, well it is safe to say that Jane Danson at 12/1 is a long shot of winning, but then again anything could and usually does happen in the TV show, so I wouldn’t put you off backing her if you do fancy her chances.

Gemma Collins at 25/1 is a funny old bet, for whilst many viewers cannot stand the sight of her and her tears and tantrums, she does surprisingly have a large following from her fame on TOWIE.

Saira Khan at 50/1 looks too much of a risk for any savvy punters, and the outsiders to win who appear to have no chance what so every include Ryan Sidebottom at 66/1 and also Didi Conn at 80/1, but then again you may fancy those outsiders chances and if so the odds are there for the taking!