Volleyball Betting Opportunities

It can be a tricky business as a punter who does fancy betting on Volleyball matches, for most bookies either shy away from offering odds on upcoming matches or will be very cautious when they do so, which results in some minuscule odds being offered on some teams!

Taking for example the Argentina v Dominican Republic match that is being played later today, Argentina have an excellent track record of winning and that is reflected in their tiny win odds of 1/100, so you couldn’t possibly bet on them with odds that low.

You could of course choose to back the Dominican Republic and by doing so you will be rewarded with huge odds of 20/1, but those odds are huge due to the fact there is very little chance of then winning that match.

As for a much better volleyball match to bet on with some much more realistic odds attached to them I suggest you consider taking a look at the Finland v Cuba match that is scheduled today, for you can get odds on Finland of 8/13 at Ladbrokes who are also offering odds on Cuba or 6/5.

Laying Volleyball Teams to Lose

If you think any odds-on favourite volleyball team are going to lose as opposed to win their upcoming matches, then you really should become a member of the Betfair betting exchange, as they will be offering you something no other betting site will be offering you.

That is the ability to lay your own odds on any team you think will lose their next match and then offer those odds to other punters via the betting exchange, and as such any punters that take your odds will be able to place a bet with you in the hope they win, however if they lose then you get to keep their stakes, but you do have to pay them out if they win!

Other Volleyball Matches Worth Checking Out

I would also suggest you have a think about backing Australia in their match today against Cameroon, for looking at the makeup of those two teams and their current form it is Australia who should quite easily come out on top and win that match.

As for just what odds though that you will be able to secure on them doing so Ladbrokes are offering 1/6 on an Australia win, but if you have a suspicion that Cameroon will be the winning team later today they are very easy to back at their current win odds of 4/1!

The France v Egypt match will only surely end on way and that is with a huge win for France, and that is a view shared by all betting site odds compilers who have them chalked up at some ridiculously low odds.

In fact, if you are thinking about betting on France you really are going to have to lump on them big style to get any kind of a decent winning pay-out for their win odds are 1/100, and the odds on Egypt winning, but let’s face it they cannot possibly do so are for reference 20/1.