Week 14 NFL Money Lines

Today is the day that you should be planning your week 14 NFL bets and wagers, and there are plenty of matches of interest this week, below I will be going through each of them and letting you know just what money lines you can get on each of those matches.

The money lines I will be quoting are on offer currently at BetFred, I have chosen to quote the odds from that betting site for they are famed for offering some of the best odds in the industry and always have every NFL match fully covered on their online and mobile betting platforms too.

The very first NFL match of the week is the Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans match, it is hard to look any further that the Jaguars as the most likely winner of that match, and their money line odds are 4/9 but if you prefer you can bag odds of 9/5 on the Titans winning that match, but I don’t think they will!

Next we have the Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers match, and the Falcons are of course bang in form and should take this match with great ease, as for what odds you will get, well they are of course an odds-on favourite to win at odds of 2/5 and for reference the Packers are on offer at 2/1!

The Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns is probably one of the better balanced NFL matches that you will find in play on week 14 of the season and the fact is obvious when you discover the odds on the Panthers are 11/10 and those of their opponents are 10/13, so I will leave it up to you as to which team you think is going to win that match!

You may prefer perming together any number of NFL teams in an Acca bet, and that is of course something that you are going to be able to do over at the BetFred betting site, and one match you study is the New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In my opinion the home team have no chance of winning at 3/1 but the Buccaneers do have a very good chance of winning that match, so include them in your Acca bets this weekend and secure their odds of 1/4 too!

Moving swiftly onto the Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs match, that is a game that should go the way of the Ravens and their odds do give a very clear indication of their chances and those odds are 1/3 and the odds on the Chiefs are 12/5!

Other NFL Matches worth Betting On

I would certainly advise you to consider placing at the very least one Acca bet on some of the NFL matches I am listing, for there are plenty of teams that should win their respective matches and if you can pick them up and perm them all together in an Acca bet there could be some big winning payouts coming your way!

Moving onto the Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans match the Colts are heading the betting for that match and you can back them at odds of 4/9 which is probably something you will be doing, as for the Texans they are on offer at odds of 9/5.

The New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins match shouldn’t be a match that will go the way of the Patriots for at 11/4 they look the massive underdogs to win that match, for a much safer betting option you should side with the Dolphins who are 2/7 to win that match.

Looking at the New York Giants v Washington Redskins match it could be a match that at 6/4 the Giants have the abilities of winning, however the Redskins are the team punters are backing and their odds reflect that fact at 8/15.

If you fancy placing a win treble on NFL matches this weekend the option for the Jets in the New York Jets v Buffalo Bills match who are 8/15 to win, and also back the Bengals for in the Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Chargers there is no doubt in my mind they will win at 1/10 and opt for the 49ers in the Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers match who quite aptly are on offer at odds of 4/9!

Another match that could quite easily go the way of either team is the Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals match you are of course going to have to decide whether you back either team to win but as far as the win odds on each team go the Lions are 6/5 and the Cardinals are 20/29.

The odds are so short on the favourite to win the Pittsburgh Steelers v Oakland Raiders match you will probably not want to do so, but I am as well enlighten you what those odds are but first be aware the Steelers are on offer as the outsider to win that match at odds of 9/2 and it is the Raiders who are the rock solid favourite to win that match at odds of 1/6!

Another possible treble you could place on NFL matches in week 14 is a bet on Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Dallas Cowboys; the odds on the Eagles are 1/2 which could get your treble bet off to a flying and hopefully a winning start.

You should be also including on that treble the Chicago Bears for they are going to be playing against the Los Angeles Rams and the Bears look a sure-fire winner of that match and their odds to do so are to be honest very reasonable at 8/13!

As for which other team you should include in that treble, well I doubt that there is going to be any other results of the Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks match than a win for the Vikings and the odds available right now at BetFred on that NFL team winning that match are very reasonable, given their obvious chance of doing so and those odds are 4/7!