What are Lucky 63 Bets?

Horse racing punters will often pick out several different races that they fancy backing one of the runners in, and if you ever find that you have picked out six horses and fancy perming them all together in one single bet then the best type of bet you can lump them all together in is a Lucky 63 bet.

That is due to the fact that by doing so you will then have each of those six horses covered in 6 Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold bets, 6 Five-Fold bets and one six selection accumulator, so even if you only pick out one winner you are going to get something back as a winning payout!

Obviously when placing such a bet you will need to work out just how much you wish to place as your unit stake on each individual bet as that stake will then have to be multiplied by 63 to cover each of the 63 individual bets, but the more winnings you pick out the more you stand to win!

If you are picking out some horses that do have quite high odds associated and attached to them, then it may be worth placing an each-way Lucky 63 bet and when you do so the unit stakes you are required to place will increase to 126 to cover the each-way part of each bet too.

BetFred Lucky 63 Bonus Payouts

Please do take a good look over the BetFred betting site by using our links to visit their site as that is the way you can claim their sign up bonus upon registering as a new customer. However, if you do fancy placing Lucky 63 bets online then they also offer two bonus payouts on all such bets.

The first bonus payout will kick in if you pick just one winner on your Lucky 63 bet, and that will see the odds on your one single winner being multiplied by x5. However, if you are lucky enough to pick six winners on your Lucky 63 bet at BetFred they will give you a huge 25% bonus payout.

A Heinz Bet is Similar to a Lucky 63 Bet

You will also find a very similar bet to a Lucky 63 bet available at most betting sites and that other bet is known as a Heinz bet, and when placing it you still have to pick out six different selections to place upon it.

However, the main difference is that instead of you placing 63 bets in total as you are forced to do when placing a Lucky 63 bet you are only going to be placing 57 bets on a Heinz bet, and the six fewer bets are the singles as there are none associated with a Heinz bet!

As for whether you will receive any bonus payouts when placing a Heinz bet that is something that you are going to have to check with the betting sites you are betting at, so make sure that you do check to see if there are bonus payouts on offer before placing such a bet!