When will the Wilder v Fury Fight End?

Tonight is of course the night when the long awaited bout between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury takes place, and it is going to be one of the best balanced of matches you will have watched in a long while, if you are planning on watching it of course!

The bookies offering all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities on that match have had something of a hard time trying to work out just what odds to offer on that match, as in all fairness either man could win it.

However, Quinnbet are not only offering a simple outright betting market but they are also going to be offering you odds on just which point in the match it will end, and I will be taking a look at the odds available on that betting market below.

But as far as the most basic of bets you can place on this boxing match at Quinnbet, they will offer odds of 4/6 to you if you are of the mindset that it will be Deontay Wilder that will win, the draw which is as it always is in any boxing match an unlikely of outcome, but the odds you can take on the match ending in a draw are 22/1.

As for just what chances they give Tyson Fury of winning this match, well he is chalked up at odds of 5/4, and I just know many of you will want to make use of those odds and feel that he does have a very reasonable and fair chance of coming out on top and winning that match tonight!

Wilder v Fury Fight End Round Betting

The one thing that you do need to be aware of when betting on just which round you think that the Wilder v Fury match will end in is that the odds on some of the betting opportunities are going to be odds-on, and ridiculously low in value too.

However, you could of course place several different bets on this type of betting market, and with some luck you could win each of the bets you do place too.

So let me now give you some ideas of just what betting opportunities are available and the very best odds you can secure. If you think that the match is going to end at some point in time but after end of round 2 that the odds are 1/66, but in all fairness that bet is one that is going to be a winning one hence the very tiny odds attached to it!

You could be of the mind, and I am sure plenty of you out there will be, that this match is going to end at some point after the end of round 3, and that bet is another one that should pay off unless one of the two boxers manages to knock out his opponent and the odds on offer do reflect that being as they are 1/16.

The odds do start to get a little but bigger when you look at for example betting that this match is going to end after the end of round 4, for you can currently secure win odds of 2/15 on that being the case.

Do you think that the Wilder v Fury match is going to go on after the end of round 5? Well if so then you really should be making sue of the overly generous odds on that betting opportunity at Quinnbet for the odds available are 2/9.

As for this bout going on after the end of round 6 the odds on that betting option are 3/10, and as far as the odds on the match going on after the end of round 7 they are 4/9 and become odds of 4/7, 3/4 and 10/11 if you think the match will extend further than rounds 8, 9 and 10 respectively.

There are risks associated with betting that the match will keep going past the end of round 11 and round 12 of course, and as for just what odds are available on those betting opportunities they are even money and 23/20 respectively.

Match to End in One Specific Round

You are of course going to be given the opportunity of betting that this match will end in any one specific round, and there are once again some very tempting odds on offer over at the Quinnbet betting site.

The odds that the match will end in rounds one, two or three are exactly the same, and if you think it will be a match that will be over and done with rather rapidly then you can get odds of 12/1 on it ending in each of those three rounds.

The odds do however drop ever so slightly in value the higher the number round you choose to bet on and as such you can bet odds of 11/1 that it will be over in round 4, and odds of 10/1 that it will end in rounds five, six, seven, eight or nine.

The odds jump back up in value however on the round 10 betting opportunity as they are 12/1, and they become ever more generous on the match ending in round 11 or 12 as those two final found betting opportunity come with odds of 16/1 and 18/1 respectively.

Make sure however if this is a match you do plan on watching and also betting on that you take a good look over the betting markets on offer at the Quinnbet betting site, for you are going to find a plethora of additional betting opportunities available to you on this boxing match when you do so.

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