Who will be the Premier League 2018/19 Top Goalscorer?

The World Cup did reveal to us all that anything can happen in a football match, and that there can be some valuable odds on offer if you are prepared to bet on some of the more unusual outcomes on any major football tournament and also in each individual match too.

Therefore, if you have been trying to make sense of the betting opportunities currently on offer regarding the Premier League this season, then it may just pay dividends for you to place a bet right now on the player you think will score the most goals during the season.

One thing is guaranteed, and that if you do decide to place a bet on Harry Kane being the top goalscorer this season, you are going to have a very fair chance of winning, and his odds of being the top goalscorer are fair at 5/2.

However, anything could happen during the season and if for whatever reason Harry Kane does play up to his very best form then there are no shortages of other players that could come out on top one of those played is of course Mohamed Salah and his odds are 5/1.

Some Other Players to Consider

The savviest of punters are not going to be placing just one bet on one single player in regards to the top goalscorer betting markets, as they will be taking advantage of the high odds on offer on several players and betting on several of them.

If that is something you are thinking of doing, then it could be a wise decision for you to bet on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at 7/1, Sergio Aguero at odds of 8/1 and possibly also have an additional saver wager on Romelu Lukaku who odds is does have to be said are attractive at 17/2.

Alexis Sanchez

To be fair though, as soon as the football season does get under way and as plenty of matches are being played off you are going to get a much better overview of the players that are bang in form and will get a much better overview of which player or players are going to have the very best chance of being the top goalscorer too.

There are obviously way too many players that could come out on top and be crowned the top goal scorer, but there are a few who have  an ever so slighter better chance of doing so than some other players.

As such a few of them to consider if you do want to place a few risky bets include the likes of Gabriel Jesus at 12/1, Alexandre Lacazette and Alvaro Morata at 25/1, or you could push the boat out and go for a much bigger winning pay-out be backing he likes of Alexis Sanchez and also Eden Hazard at 33/1!

There are also more than enough unique and novelty bets that will be available to you at each of our featured betting sites on all football leagues and football tournaments in play now and in the very near future too, so do check some of them out!