Will Lewis Hamilton Win the German Grand Prix?

The racing action is coming thick and fast currently, and if you do enjoy watching some of the very best Grand Prix drivers taking their chances around different circuits, then one date to pencil into your diary is the 22nd of July.

For that is the day when the German Grand Prix will be taking place and it is course the circuit over at Hockenheimring that will be hosting that event.

All eyes will of course be on Lewis Hamilton for his is the favourite to win that race however you probably have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to be S. Vettel that will come out on top of that race and beat Hamilton.

No matter who you think s going to win the German Grand Prix this year, you really are spoilt for choice regarding where you can bet on it, and below I am going to be giving you an insight into the odds on the leading drivers to win that race but I will also be giving you an insight into another betting market that may just interest you, that being one of which you simply have to predict the team the winning driver will be part of!

Lewis Hamilton is 6/4 to Win the German Grand Prix

Other than the six drivers I am about to reveal to you, you are going to get offered odds of at the very least 400/1 on any other driver winning this year’s German Grand Prix, and those odds are currently available over at the Betfred betting site.

However, as far as placing a sensible bet you will win  L. Hamilton is the current favourite at odds of 6/4 closely followed by S. Vettel at 13/8, you can also get 15/2 on V. Bottas winning this race and 9/1 on both K .Raikkonen and M. Verstappen with  D. Ricciardo at 10/1.

Name the Team to Win

If you think the winning driver will be from either the McLaren, Force India, Renault, Sauber, Toro Rosso and Haas      teams then sites like Betfred are going to be offering you 400/1 on each of those teams to be the winning one in the German Grand Prix

However, with Williams being on offer at 1000/1 it is fair to say that their drivers have very little chance of winning this race!

But if you think that the driver that will win the German Grand Prix this year is going to be a driver for the Mercedes team, and let’s face it there is a very good chance one of their drivers will win it, then the bets odds available are even money.

Many punters will also fancy the chances of one of the Ferrari drivers winning his race and the odds on one of them doing so are currently 11/10. It is also true to say that if everything does fall into place thus year then it could be one of the Red Bull drivers that will win it, and is you are of the mindset one of them will win the odds available on the Red Bull team drivers are high at 9/2.