Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski Betting Market

I do like to introduce you to some quite unusual sporting events, whilst also at the same time enlightening you on the betting opportunities associated with those events too.

As such today seems like just the right time to give you an insight the current state of the futures betting market on offer at William Hill on the Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski, which whilst the outcome will not be known until next year, there is some value to be had by taking a punt right now on which skier you think it much more likely to win that event outright.

What I would also suggest you do if you do decide to place a bet on any of the skiers that are taking part in the Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski is to click onto out links that will get you over to the William Hill betting site.

As soon as you do so you will then be taken to a special landing page on their betting site that will give you details of how you can claim an enhanced sign up welcome bonus offer, which is certainly going to be worth claiming, make sure however you do read through the associated terms and conditions of that offer if you fancy giving it a try and making full use of it!

Favourites to Win the Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski

Let me start off by giving you an overview of just which women skiers are currently attracting the most money on the futures betting markets on this event, for that way you can determine whether it is currently going to be worth your time and effort backing any of the skiers that are being backed by other punters right now.

It is Therese Johaug who is a skier from Norway that is currently the one skier that most punters are convinced is going to be crowned the winner of the Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski event this year, and if you fancy following the smart money so to speak you can back her at William Hill right now at odds of 9/10.

Just keep in mind though that as the futures betting markets on this Winter Sports event is currently live and active the odds I am quoting could change at any time, dependent on the volume of wagers placed by punters at the William Hill betting site.

So do act sooner rather than later if you do fancy backing any of the skiers taking part in it! As for the second favourite to win, well that is another Norwegian skier and possibly one that you may have heard or come across before, that being Heidi Weng who is certainly attracting plenty of support as she has been backed right down to 7/4 and as such is the solid second favourite too!

Charlotte Kalla and Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg

The whole idea of you betting on any future or ante post type of betting market is to take advantage of some much higher odds, for by backing in this case a skier nice and early there is a chance that if that skier begins to do well their odds will drop as any events and tournaments are in play.

As such there are a couple of other skiers that I do feel have something of an outstanding chance of winning this event this year who both can be backed as some fairly decent odds right now over at the William Hill betting site.

The first of them is a Swedish skier by the name of Charlotte Kalla, and there is certainly plenty of value waiting to be mopped up if you fancy her chances as you can back her at odds of 6/1 right now.

Also, I would not underestimate the chances of Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg either, she is another skier from Norway who really is at the top of her game and in great form, and I doubt that the 7/1 odds you can secure on her right now are going to be around for much longer if she does start to ski up to her current form, so she could be a bit of a dark horse in this event and one worth backing too!

Outsiders that Could Win the Women’s World Cup Tour de Ski

There are of course plenty of other skiers from a range of other countries that could surprise everybody and win this event this year.

With that in mind I shall now give you a quick insight into some other skiers that you may just fancy backing, but ones that does have some much higher outright winner odds attached and associated with them.

It is Ragnhild Haga who is next the most fancied skier to win this event and she hails from Norway and her win odds are 12/1, also make sure you cast your eye over the current form of an American skier that being Jessica Diggins as she certainly does look overpriced at her current outright win odds at William Hill which are 17/1.

There is a Finnish skier that I do fancy the chances of in this event this year and she is Krista Parmakoski and whilst her outright winner odds may be huge being as they are 20/1, she wouldn’t need too much luck to come out on top, and may just be the value bet of the entire event!

I would also spare a though for the chances of the Swedish skier Stina Nilsson who is 22/1 as she too has a fine record in these types of skiing events and is certainly another one to consider backing too.

But as for the Russia skier Anastasia Sedova it does remain to be seen whether she has what it takes to outperform all other skiers in this event, an her current outright winner odds over at the William Hill betting site of 50/1 do give you an insight into her chance of winning!