World Series MVP Latest Betting

Apart from winning the Major League Basketball World Series, every player is also going to want to be awarded the World Series MVP that being an award given to the most valuable player in regards to the contribution they have made to their respective teams performance.

It is of course an award that could go to any player, and as such there are often plenty of differing opinions by fans of the sport as to who is going to win that award each year, so much so that a handful of betting sites are going to be offering you odds on each player to win the World Series MVP award!

Paddy Power do have such a betting market currently live, and when it comes to the odds they are offering those odds are very appealing to say the least, and what I will be doing in today’s best bets of the day guide is giving you an insight into what odds you can currently secure on each player.

The current favourite to win the World Series MVP is J.D. Martinez and there is no doubt in my mind that plenty of you out there will fancy his chances of winning, and if you do so then the odds you can get right now are well worth taking being as they are 11/5!

As for who it is that is the punters second favourite choice for winning that award, look no further than Mookie Betts, for he has been attracting a fair bit of support on the early betting market at Paddy Power to which his odds are now just 13/5 to win it!

There is another player that is attracting a little bit of support and that player is the highly talented Andrew Benintendi and I certainly would not put you off backing him and by doing so right now you can bag some fairly decent odds at Paddy Power on him winning it does have to be said and those odds are for reference currently 4/1.

Other Players that Could Win the MVP World Series

You can of course back any of the players that are in with a chance of winning this award, however those that I haven’t yet mentioned are available with some much bigger odds attached to them over at Paddy Power, so that do mean their chances of winning are much lower.

However if you are of the mind that it will be Xander Bogaerts who could win then his odds are appealing at 9/1, as to are the odds on some other players such as David Price at 14/1 and there are several who are all chalked up as 20/1 shots including the likes of Manny Machado, Rafael Devers and Jackie Bradley Jr.

You are going to be taking risks however when backing any of the other players, but if you are prepared to take those risks in the hope one of them do win this award the odds are certainly there for the taking such as the  30/1 odds you can get on Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, and Cody Bellinger.

Outsiders to Win the MVP World Series Award

There is nothing stopping you backing any of the outsiders to win this seasons WVP World Series award and if you do fancy pinning your hopes on a total outsider winning it then allow me to give you some ideas of just who those outsiders are.

As for the current 35/1 shots, there are plenty of them that you can pick and choose from including Chris Sale, Justin Turner, Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel and David Freese and moving onto Max Muncy, well his win odds are even higher at 40/1.

For a potentially huge winning payout you could back any of the 50/1 outsiders to win this award and if so then you will need to decide whether it will be Steve Pearce, Rick Porcello, Ian Kinsler or Christian Vazquez that could win it.

The odds do keep on getting bigger however the further you look down the Paddy Power betting market on this event and as such you can secure right now if you are quick, odds of 75/1 on Mitch Moreland and Brock Holt or even take the 90/1 odds associated with the likes of players such as Clayton Kershaw, Chris Taylor, Brian Dozier, Enrique Hernandez and Joc Pederson.

The players that are not currently attracting any support at all are those with the biggest odds attached to them and as such it is going to be something of a miracle if any of the following players do get handed the award!

Those players are Walker Buehler and Yasmani Grandal and as for just how generous their respective odds being offered to you over at the Paddy Power site well you can get 100/1 right now or you could even be tempted to secure the odds  of 125/1 that Paddy Power are offering on Kenley Jansen.

If you fancy giving your money to the bookies then you need to concentrate your betting efforts on the likes of Alex Wood who isn’t likely to win this award by any stretch of the imagination and that is very clearly indicated by his 175/1 win odds.

The same is also very true of Rich Hill or as far as the betting market on the World Series MVP Award at Paddy Power goes he is the total rank outsider and no-hoper to win that award and by betting on him you will be able to take astounding odds of a huge 225/1.

If you are not yet a customer of Paddy Power and you do fancy securing any of the odds as listed above, be aware they are subject to change at any time.

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