X-Factor Latest Betting Odds

Yesterday I did of course take a look at the latest betting odds on Strictly Come Dancing, and as I mentioned in that best bets of the day guide you either love that dancing competition or much prefer watch the X-factor, or as I did say yesterday you may hate both of them, and much prefer going out instead when they are on TV!

If you are a fan of watching the X-Factor, then how about giving your viewing experience something of a tad more excitement by having a bet on the contestant that you think is going to come out on top and win?

If you do, then BetFred as always can be relied to offer you one of their many weird and wonderful novelty betting markets on that TV talent show, and they are also offer some fairly decent odds to be honest, so read on to find out more.

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Dalton Harris Looks the Likely Winner of X Factor!

Many people think that it is a foregone conclusion that Dalton Harris is going to win this year’s X Factor, and if that is a view that you share then how about putting your money down on him winning, if you do fancy his chances, and you won’t be alone if you do so you can bag odds right now at BetFred of 11/10!

As for the other contestants that are attracting plenty of support on the betting markets on this TV talent show on ITV1, well the second favourite is Shan and the odds on offer are 4/1, so that does look a fair bet if you do not rate the chances of the favourite to win.

Scarlett Lee has done extremely well so far in the X Factor of 2018 and I do know that she is not short of supporters either, and the early betting markets on her do give her a fair old chance of winning for the odds you can secure on her winning right now are very reasonable at 13/2.

One other contestant whose odds are not in double figures is Anthony Russell and whilst not a red-hot favourite to win you can get odds of 7/1 if you do think he has a chance of being crowned this year’s X Factor winner, but be quick for those odds may shorten sooner rather than later.

The Rest of the Contestants

Keep in mind that as long as a contestant is still in the competition then there is always a chance that they could win, and as such with that thought in mind, if you do rate the chances of any of the other contestants then allow me to now rattle through each of the remaining ones and their current betting odds too.

The next in the betting is Misunderstood and if you fancy their chances then now would be a good time to bet on them for they are up for grabs as some very tempting odds and those odds are 14/1, however if you are of the mind that Bella Penfold is going to shine then you need to be backing her now whilst her odds are still high, and those odds are for reference 20/1.

I think it’s true that the final four individual and groups that are in the X Factor have very little chance of actually winning, but some people may be tempted to have a small bet on them and if you do then you can get some high odds on each of them for example Giovanni Spano and A Star are 33/1, Brendan Murray is 50/1 and Danny Tetley is the rank outsider at 66/1

You Can Also Bet on the Winning Manager

I think it’s fair to say that whichever manager is the one that has managed the winner of the X Factor this year is going to dine out on that fact for quite some time, however with there only being four of them you may be interested in betting on just which one is going to be the manager of the winner, for BetFred are also offering you odds on that too.

Louis Tomlinson is looking like he may just be the winning manager of this year’s X Factor and as such his win odds are not what you could call huge, however at 4/6 and given his very real chance of winning he may just be a bet you do fancy placing.

Whilst he may not be the manager most people will want to see crowned as the winning one on any season of the X Factor, Simon Cowell certainly does know how to do his job and he is currently the second favourite on this betting market and as such the odds you can bag on him right now are 7/4.

As for the chances of the two other managers, well you never know Robbie Williams may just pull it out of the bag and whilst there is not much support for him to do so currently if you do fancy  having a little bet on him you can get odds of around the 10/1 mark.

Ayda Field is of course the other manager and I doubt she is going to be celebrating this year, however you will if you back her and she does win the manager of the season for her odds are huge at 33/1!