You Can Now Bet on Virtual Sports at Home

Betting on Virtual Sports at Home

If you have been a regular punter in betting shops over the last few years, then you will have seen plenty of changes in those venues. More and more visitors to such venues though are going inside to bet on the FOBT’s that offer a huge range of different games of chances such as slot machines and roulette games.

However, as well as those gaming machines, which by the way are going to have their maximum stakes lowered by fifty times what they are now, there are other new ways that people can bet in betting shops.

One new way is by betting on virtual sports, and now ever free minutes in a betting shop there will be a nonstop range of virtual horse races and virtual greyhound races being played out on at least on one of the TV screens in such venues.

The way in which a virtual sports event work is that a list of horses for example in a virtual horse race are selected to run against each other, and a computer works out the odds of each of them running in those virtual races, as per the way the random number generator has been designed.

You could look at the way at virtual sports have been designed as like a raffle, the favourite will have the most tickets in the raffle drum and the outsider will have the least tickets, then one outcome is selected, and the race will then begin.

The outcome of the race is determined by the computer as per the outcome of the random number generator, and as such each virtual horse running in a race will have a chance of winning, but it will all be down to the RNG’s decision as to just which horse will win!

Online Virtual Races

If you do want to bet on virtual sports from home, then I have some good news for you as each of our featured betting sites now have a wide and very varied range of them available, and all that you need to do is to sign up to any of those sites and give virtual sports betting a try.

virtual horse racing

Keep in mind too that there will be all manner of sign up welcome bonuses waiting to be claimed when you do make use of their virtual sports betting platform and plenty of ongoing bonuses and promotional deals too.

So, you will always get plenty of additional value when betting at our top rated and fully licensed betting sites, so look at their restive website or more details.

In case you are sat there wondering just what types of virtual sport you can bet on they include Horse Racing, Greyhound races, virtual Football matches Motor Sports and Cycling races and even virtual Tennis matches.

Just be aware every signal outcome of those virtual sports is completely random, so the outsiders do have a chance of winning any of them and may just win some of them so do not be too downhearted if you continually bet on the favourites only to see them getting turned over time and time again!